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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can the Lithuanian citizens residing abroad get vaccinated in Lithuania?

Yes, all the Lithuanian citizens may be vaccinated in Lithuania, regardless of their country of residence.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine used for vaccination of foreigners living in Lithuania?

Vaccination services in Lithuania can be obtained by foreigners who are permanent residents of Lithuania and/or who are insured by compulsory health insurance in Lithuania (who work and pay compulsory health insurance premiums or for whom contributions are paid, as well as by persons who are insured with state budget funds).

Insured persons from other EU countries who have moved to the Republic of Lithuania (having declared their place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Law on Declaration of the place of residence) and who are registered with Document S1 in the territorial sickness fund according to the place of residence in Lithuania are entitled to the same personal health care services as well as those insured in the Republic of Lithuania with compulsory health insurance (hereinafter referred to as PSD), including vaccination

May I get vaccinated against Covid-19 disease?

All the Lithuanian citizens may be vaccinated in Lithuania against Covid-19, regardless of their place or country of residence, as well as other persons, who:

  • are entitled to personal health care services paid from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund or from the State budget;
  • citizens of the Member States of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association and their family members, who have come to live in Lithuania for the period exceeding 3 months in 6 months, and who have been granted the right to reside in Lithuania;
  • foreign citizens and persons without citizenship, to whom the Lithuanian residence permit has been issued;
  • persons, to whom the national visa has been issued;
  • persons accredited and residing in Lithuania;
  • other persons who have to be vaccinated by the Government’s resolution.